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welcome message
Welcome to my TCG trade post! I'm just a 28 year old who is obsessed with idols, cries too easily, likes to think I'm funny, and uses emojis too often. When it comes to trades, I tend to respond very quickly unless I'm super busy with something. I feel like I'm really easy to trade with as well! If you happen to not have anything in my collecting, keeping, or future then I would gladly check your tradepost if you send me a card00! If not, I usually don't turn down randoms.

♥ Haylee


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bulbasaur (9/20)

chansey (10/20)

deerling (9/20)

dratini (18/20)

girafarig (15/20)

lapras (6/20)

snivy (15/20)

stantler (18/20)

zebstrika (19/20)

eevee (20/20)

rapidash (20/20)